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Neuroplasticity Definition:
Neuro-plasticity is the brain's capacity to change and adapt.

Scientifically Grounded Practices for Transformation

Modern neuroscience shows us that what we do and think can change the physical structure of our brains (NEUROPLASTICITY)―yet often this occurs unconsciously.  As we go through life learning and experiencing new things, our brain is constantly arranging and rearranging the neural pathways that control how we think and behave.  When we habitually react to "life" in unhealthy ways, we direct our thoughts in a way that negatively modifies our neural circuitry.  I implement a science based approach I call NEURO-REWIRING as a complete approach for consciously reshaping our brains for greater happiness, improved health, reduced anxiety, clarity and self compassion. Through Neuroscience psychology and decisive self-talk, I offer my clients in-depth training in integrating the positive aspects of their experiences into their mental awareness, using guided repetition and controlled emotional reactivity.   The more frequently and diligently we do this, the quicker the brain's neurons will fire differently, harnessing this powerful process for creating positive, enduring changes in your brain―and your life.

Areas where Neuroplasticity can help include:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Career & Executive Coaching
  • Clarity & Focus Cultivation
  • Confidence Building
  • Depression
  • Manic Depressive Illness
  • Marriage & Relationship Issues
  • PTSD

Neuroscientific Therapy

Watch this video to learn how neuroscience can help you make the desired changes in your life.

Neural Re-Wiring

Rewiring Your Brain for Resilience and Happiness

Neural Rewiring by Dr. Sydney Ceruto.

Rewiring your brain for resilience & Happiness.

The first step in modifying your neural circuitry is to change the mind-brain information flow.  Our brains learn by what our minds attend to, hence, what we attend to POSITIVELY change's our brain! How and what we choose to focus our attention on, dictates how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.   As a result of positive mental activity, our neurons begin to make connections, and the longer we attend to a positive thought or experience, the deeper those connections become, and the more likely we are to re-experience them again. 

I will teach you why the brain instinctively responds to everyday stress as a physical threat―and how you can "rewrite the script" that your nervous system follows.  From there, I offer practical strategies to help you improve your physical and emotional health, become aware of your personal tendencies and interpretations, clear self-limiting beliefs, increase your resilience to anxiety, and connect deeply to others.  You are going to learn things you never knew before and when you put them to use, your life is going to change drastically for the BETTER!

Through my extensive training and education in neurocounseling, I have discovered which practices have the greatest success for creating positive change at the neurological level. I use proven techniques in the field of behavior change and neural re-wiring throughout the therapeutic process to ensure success and help each client to become an active agent in their own healing and transformation.

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