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Executive Coaching

Based in Neuroscience

  • Leadership Development
  • Impactful Communication Skills
  • Instill Inspiration & Motivation
  • Drive Performance & Growth
  • Foster a Winning Corporate Culture

Four Essential Executive Traits

Executive Coaching program with Dr. Sydney Ceruto

Scientific research has shown there are 4 Common Qualities all high performing CEO's, top executives and leaders possess.  Together we will develop and sharpen these essential and indispensable attributes.

1. Decisiveness

The ability to make decisions under pressure, sometimes without all the information.

2. Engagement

Once a decision is made, there is no second guessing it, action begins.

3. Adaptability

Setbacks and a changing environment are inevitable, successful executives pivot and move forward.

4. Reliability

Boards and investors love a steady hand, and employees trust predictable leaders.

Why my Executive Coaching program?

Proven Results

Through a scientifically proven method developed in neuroscience, I coach executives and emerging leaders from all types of organizations at every stage and across all sectors — finance, tech, health care, higher education, professional services/legal, and non-profit. For nearly two decades I have provided executives with the insight and support needed to build their leadership capability and maximize their professional potential.

I utilize a comprehensive process built on neuroscience, years of experience and a collaborative approach that helps you identify specific personal, professional, and organizational goals and then develop highly effective and 100% customized strategy tailored to meet ALL of your objectives.

By integrating both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and combining analytical with big picture thinking, I help my clients become more innovative, increase creativity, boost productivity, nuance their management styles and improve conflict resolution skills.  My cutting-edge approach and years of experience will give you tangible outcomes that produce extraordinary results.

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Neural Re-Wiring for Executives

Scientifically Proven

Utilizing the brain's natural ability to change, called Neuroplasticity, we can make permanent changes.  The brain loves novelty and focus and responds to these stimuli in the form of clarity, decisiveness and confidence.

With a positive mindset, we are ready for any challenge we come up against (as opposed to feeling "They are asking too much! I can't do this!"). You will learn how to take a preemptive position that allows you to take risks and creatively manage potential dangers. Your focus, creativity, strategic thinking and psychological resilience will dramatically improve through my program.

Together we will rewire your feelings, thoughts and actions to:

• Feel hopeful, confident and on top of your game.
• Enhance aptitude to offer options and alternatives for challenges and goals.
• Act with clarity and confidence.
• Bounce back immediately from disappointments and setbacks.