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Dr. Sydney Ceruto


Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience, NYU

M.A. Business Psychology, St. John's University

M.A. Behavioral Psychology, Binghamton University

B.S. Behavioral Science, Binghamton University

Certified Life and Career Coach

Forbes Executive Coaches Council Member

I’m Dr. Sydney Ceruto. I’m a neuropsychologist and life coach specializing in helping my clients unlock their inner potential, achieve their goals, and – most importantly – find their happiness. 

I started my own journey in the same place many of my clients do – maybe where you are right now. When I was a teenager, I tragically lost both of my parents. I was an only child with no extended family, and I’ll never forget how completely alone I felt. The loss was devastating. It took me to the razor’s edge of breaking. I fell victim to a deep depression and inconsolable anxiety. 

But not long after, I began my education in psychology. While working on my bachelor’s degree in behavioral science, I found that studying the mind was a catalyst for my healing and growth. It became so important to me that I went on to complete two master’s degrees, my first one in behavioral psychology and the second in business psychology. Shortly thereafter, I went on to earn a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. 

As much as psychology and the study of the mind helped me heal, it was my introduction to neuroscience during my Ph.D. that changed everything for me. 

After the loss of my parents, I saw countless therapists and coaches and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find someone that could help end my suffering. None of them did. I spoke to many other people who had similar experiences with their own therapists – doctors who, when traditional therapy didn’t work, would quickly suggest antipsychotic medications, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers........I was shocked and profoundly saddened. 

But my education in cognitive neuroscience made it clear to me why all those therapists and coaches failed, and why they were so quick to turn to medication. It was because they only had the capacity to focus on the mind. 

The mind is incredibly important, but it’s just one half of the whole. The physical brain is the other half, and the relationship between the two – what I call the mind-brain connection – is the real key to successful healing, to successful growth, and to true happiness. 

That second piece of the puzzle is what had been missing. Putting it into place changed my life, and it can change yours too. 

After finishing my Ph.D., I decided to become a Certified Professional Life Coach so I could use my understanding of the mind-brain connection and the brain’s physical mechanisms to help people overcome their struggles, in many cases, where traditional therapy and life coaching couldn’t. 

I developed my revolutionary, cutting-edge approach to guiding client growth around the concept of neuroplasticity – the brain’s scientifically proven ability to rewire its own neural connections based on what the mind attends to. 

Now, after 19 years in practice, I’ve helped countless people from all walks of life – from acting as the in-house therapist and coach for executives at Fortune 500 companies, to volunteering with members of underprivileged communities in need of mental health services.  I write for several publications and I am a member of Forbes Executive Coaches Council, where I write and speak regularly.  

Implementing the power of neural re-wiring, my 90 Day Total Transformation program has yielded stellar results in helping my clients combat depression, overcome anxiety, regain emotional control, and succeed in achieving all their goals, both personally and professionally.  This remarkable success is because these proven, scientifically-backed tools and techniques work – no matter who you are, or where you are in life. 

I have an avid intellect, a keen undersetanding of human nature and an uncanny ability to connect deeply with my clients.  I am hands on, available and accessible, highly intuitive, compassionate and candid.

I have lived in NYC for 17 years and still consider it the best city in the world.  I love to travel and have done so extensively.  I enjoy dining out and enjoying great food and wine…….I consider it my form of "entertainment"!   I have one son who is a senior at Princeton University and plans to attend Columbia Law in 2020.  We have 2 dogs with whom I am utterly obsessed! 

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