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Image of person displaying satisfaction and achievement after completing 90 Day Total Transformation


Through my “support & stretch” method, we go beyond the typical, superficial and slow pace of habit change. I motivate and drive you through transformation by pushing you to confront whatever it is that is holding you back from being the person you want to be. I support and uphold you, enabling you to create richer, deeper and more meaningful changes with superior outcomes. I set up the type of accountability that makes success inevitable.

I am the only doctor in NYC who is trained and educated in this amazing modality who offers this highly individualized and comprehensive program. What I provide is nothing like the antiquated forms of therapy or life coaching you may have experienced in the past.


Science tells us that the most effective treatment for any behavioral or cognitive change is Neural-rewiring. This modality uses graded exposure or taking small steps toward facing situations with a more lucid perspective, as well as teaching you to take a much needed “pause’ before reacting.


Beginning with educating you on the psychology of human behavior, I lay a strong foundation to deepen your understanding about your thoughts, emotions and feelings. This allows you to finally learn which regions of your brain are responsible for driving your actions, and why you currently have the life you do. 


Implementing the principals of cognitive restructuring, which identifies and works to change irrational thought patterns, I teach you to start applying appropriate situational thinking right away.

The cutting edge neural-rewiring I utilize, is based on the premise that working to change faulty thinking patterns, such as rumination, magnification, overgeneralization, catastrophic thinking, or polarization of thoughts, can stop maladaptive behaviors, before they become ingrained in your neural circuitry.


To think about it in another way, Neural-Rewiring seeks to train an individual to reconceptualize the way they process their thoughts; leading them to acquire new and permanent skills on a neurological level, that allow them to finally abolish harmful, self-defeating behaviors.

In order to to make steadfast and enduring changes in our thinking and behaving, two things need to happen simultaneously.


1.     We need to starve off our old “default” circuitry by depriving it of glucose, oxygen, and electricity, which happens when we refuse to repeat old patterns.


2.     Through steadfast repetition, we construct a new, much healthier web of neural connections. In a very short amount of time, this new way of thinking and behaving becomes permanent.


By utilizing my extensive education and training in cognitive neuroscience, I provide you with information and techniques to rewire negative patterns of anxiety, stress, depression, relationship & marriage issues, self-confidence, career change, anger and addiction. 

Implementing an assertive and effective path towards change, we will work together to remove obstacles and take empowered action of your life and your brain. 


You will learn a blend of techniques and practices that will give you an eye-opening awareness that produces a huge shift in your mood towards real happiness and satisfaction. By applying the latest neuro-scientific discoveries, which you can begin using right away, you start to feel better instantly!


Together we will work on stepping back from your specific cognitive biases and look at situations calmly and coherently.  This will become your new and improved “default" setting!


Because neural-rewiring can change several areas of a person’s life, often simultaneously, I offer phone and text support in between sessions.

Become The Person You've Always Wanted To Be, This Time Permanently

This highly effective and entirely unique program is designed for clients who genuinely desire change.